The Life of My Recent Remote Work


It's a long time since the last article was posted.

Recently I am busy on my new startup company 80% team's works.

80% is positioned at the high-quality production growth for our startup company clients.

Now its beginning is very well.

On the one hand, I am looking for our oriented client that we can give our value for them.

On the other hand, our team are working remotely.

My works recently like this:

working in Beijing time: 13:00 - 22:00

It's a huge advantage for I can adjust my work time to ignore the enormous flow of people at dinner or shopping time.

And It will be more efficient for programmer at night but at day. It's special for me too.

client talk, research production for client, and program.

  1. talk with some clients who maybe cooperate with us.
  2. Help client refine the requirement and research production.
  3. coding for my recent client, working with the client's team.

reading book and study English continously

Recently I just have finished a book about production manager, its name is called "缔造企鹅: 产品经理是这样炼成的".

English learning is not a short period. At now, I learn about two hundreds words every day. I have persevered this status for tow months.


Now it's just a new beginning for our 80% team.

All of the team members become formal and regular, and we will give our best value for our clients.

If I can help you, feel free to contact me, my email is given at blog's about page.

Published at 2015.05.08

tianzj • 2016-04-22 20:41

Your English is very poor, and it sounds so Chinese...
Please pay some effect to improve it.