Where to find good study resources about Ruby and Ruby on Rails in China?

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Today we organized a ShenZhen Ruby Party at DJI company.

It's more bigger than my plan.

It cost all my energies today.

I found that a few people are newbie to Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

It's time to share some resources for them:

  1. https://ruby-china.org

    Yes, It's the biggest Ruby online community of China. There are lots of Ruby experts on it. Most of them are very glad to solve your problem when you study Ruby.

    But, before you start a question, it's necessary to read this link about how to give a smart question: http://www.beiww.com/doc/oss/smart-questions.html, English version at here: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

  2. Follow talented people's blog or twitter.

    Here are some Ruby on Rails experts that I recommend: @rei, @lgn21st, @jasl, @hooooopo, @liwei78, @nightire, @quakewang

    You can find them on RubyChina, most of them are good bloggers.

    Specially, xdite in TW is a good guy about writing high-quality Ruby on Rails blogs. You must follow her blogger: http://blog.xdite.net/.

  3. Some good resources about Ruby or Ruby on Rails

    RubyChina's wiki page is a good begin for most people, but it maybe is a little out-of-date, if you meet some strange problem with it, you can ask someone in RubyChina forum.

    If your Reading English is passed, you can always get the lastest guide with Ruby on Rails. By the way, it's only entry book for me. I have read it again and again.

    Besides, ihower( located on Tw too ) is a good teacher on Ruby on Rails, his book and course is very coool. You can take a look: https://ihower.tw/rails4/

    Recently, I find @liwei78( located on Changchun ) is working hard for a new book named Rails Practise, its content is very useful for that who are lack of Rails practise. the link is here: http://rails-practice.com/ I hope you can give a feedback at his github, it will be a big encourage for him.

  4. Video resources

    HaoDuoShiPin: Chinese 好多视频 is another cool website built by @happypeter.

    There are lots of video resources about Ruby, Linux, vim and something else. If you have leisure time to watch them, it will be huge helpful for you.

  5. Subscribe some weekly resources

    1) http://ruby-weekly.com

    2) http://afreshcup.com ( sorry to hear that the author will take a break )

    3) http://teahour.fm ( a very cool F.M. about startups, development, etc )

At last, you must learn how to use google for your problem. Remember, don't use baidu search engine, otherwise you will never become a master.

If you deep into the Ruby field, you will find almost all of people on Ruby community are kind for you. You will be happy to choose Ruby language.

It's late today, see you.

Published at 2015.04.19

Li Yafei • 2015-04-20 12:23


Thanks. I'm glad to hear that :)
You will find more resources from this article's extension.

潘云逸 • 2015-04-20 11:28

目前为止看到最好的Ruby and Rails的新手引导内容!太棒了!对我来说这非常有用!再次感谢!