Got the first job on Elance


Since I became a real freelancer a month ago, I find a mass of friends in Shenzhen and try to find a good client that can support remote work.

But I failed.

I charge 250 Yuan( 30 Dollar ) per hour in China.

Most of clients think this is too high. I think they just don't understand a senior web developer's real value. Steve Jobs said, "a A+ talented developer is 100 multiple effective than a normal developer".

Then I turn my direction to the world. I researched odesk and Elance. After a few attempt, I deside foward the Elance platform.

I did something below:

  1. register Elance and complete my profile on my account.

  2. add some works I had made.

  3. find my interesting project and create proposal for that.

A few days later, There's a client replyng my proposal, but because some reason I don't know it failed at last.

At the next day, I login Elance and am browsing the new posts, I find a very suitable project for me.

It's a bug fix in Devise JSON API. I have built an API gem called Lina, I am awful familar on it.

So I fire this project. Then It succeeded !

When I finished this job, the client gave a five star feedback to me.

The award is 200 dollor.

I just spend one day for that. It's cool.

If you are a freelancer or want to be a freelancer, I welcome you contact with me, you can find my email and github at blog about page.

If you are a good English speaker or writer, I'm glad to see you. we can exchange the skills if you love web development :)

Time is over, see you tomorrow.

Published at 2015.04.09

Li Yafei • 2015-04-12 14:39


You will.

If you go forward a little every day, the destination will be more nearer here.

Thanks for your appreciation :)

VincentJiang • 2015-04-12 13:44

It is so cool, maybe I will be a freelance one day. And your english is great.