I'm Li Yafei


Find a loved job rather than found a good job.
Technology advance NOT by human's intelligence, but by their laziness.

About Me

I'm Li yafei, located on the city of Shenzhen, in China. I'm a Ruby on Rails full-stack Developer.

I graduated from Jinlin university at 2009, and then I worked for  Sangfor Corporation  in the last five years( 2009.6 - 2014.3 ) where I grew up from a noob upto a senior software engineer.

At March 2014, I start a startup company named Cywin( Chinese name: 创业赢) with my partner.

Cywin is an investment crowdfunding platform for startups and investors which was built by me alone in six month.

But it failed at 2014.10 because of the lack of related resource.

After that, I research remote work and jump in, I built a remote-work team called 80percent, which help people building nice websites, mobile apps, and so on.

You can follow us at: 80percent website


I love coding rather than using it for earning a living.

  • Ruby on Rails( expert )
  • Linux / OSX( expert )
  • Git( expert )
  • AngularJS / React / VueJS / jQuery ( skilled )
  • Bootstrap / Foundation 5( skilled )
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Agile Development
  • Testing Automation
  • Deploying Automation
  • PostgreSQL / Mysql / Mongodb


  • 2015.3 - 2016.x
    Linaan API provider based on Ruby on Railshttp://linarb.org
    • Auto-generated API docs.
    • zero learning costs for Railser.
    • Qiniu cloud storage, Wechat Oauth, Alipay integration.
  • 2014.12 - 2015.3
    JiaoluoA MOOC education online systemhttp://jiaoluo.yafeilee.me
    • Build it alone for a friend in two month.
    • Awful cool modern UI.
    • Primary features: Wechat Scan Login, Alipay payment, Video HTML5, community system.
    • Based on Ruby on Rails, using Turoblinks & RJS for ajax.
    • Qiniu cloud storage( like aws storage ), Wechat Oauth ( like Facebook oauth ), Alipay integration( like paypal ).
  • 2014.3 - 2014.10
    Cywinan investment crowdfunding platform for startups and investorshttp://cywin.yafeilee.me
    • I build it myself, using stack of Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Foundation 5.
    • A lot of feature: login/auth system, notification, state machine, sunspot search, background job, logic code is large 50+ controllers, 120+ testcases.
    • cost six month
    • The code was open-source at March 2015, you can find it from github.
  • 2014.2 - 2014.3
    wblogthe missing independent blog system of Ruby on Railshttps://github.com/windy/wblog
    • A modern blog system based on Ruby on Rails 5.0.
    • Responsive page, like, share, comment system, dashboard.
  • 2012 - 2013.10
    ATM( Automation Testing Manager ) & ATT( Automation Testing Team framework )an advancing keyword-driven automation testing framework in software testing.Sangfor
    • As a leader, I design and implement it with my team.
    • Task schedule, Agent server, testcase manager, authentic system, svn integration, deployment automation.
    • Keyword-driven is an advancing solution in software testing.


I'm working on building nice web app & native app for clients. Please contact me if you need help.

If you are a developer, I also would like to talk with you about technology trend and so on.

Please feel free to contact me.


Updated at 2016.04.28